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If you would like us to post a photo of your rifle with one of our barrels, send us an email with a GIF or JPEG photo attachment!

It's been a while, but I purchased one of your barrels for my grandchildren's 4H competition rifle and was so pleased with the performance that I purchased two more. I made the attached photos just after I received the last two and have circulated them quite a bit as I've complemented the precision and quality of your workmanship. Thought you might want to see them and possibly use in your photo gallery.

Thanks for a great product, Ernie H. in Louisiana

The barrels came out amazing thank you ... Stephen F. University of Oregon Duck colors in Cerakote fade. Cerakote custom colors are now available.

Barrel is great! Picture is my new CZ 457 Scout with Area 419 Scope Base, Leupold 3-7x33 with Weaver Grand Slam Steel Rings and Kydex Cheek Rest added. Factory gun barrel was 16” threaded with sights, but was way to heavy for a pack rifle. Now it’s perfect!

Just wanted to update you on the CZ 457. I shot 10 strings of 10 @ 25 yards off bench/bags, pulling a bore brush through after every 2nd string. Average grouping total was .289 and best group was .238 with CCI Subsonic Fragmenting Hollow Points 710fps. Awesome job on the barrel! Like always top notch, gonna be a great suppressor host.

Thanks Again! Will C.

The first rifle is titled "Bitten" and features many custom parts built just for this project, a custom snakeskin covered stock and one of your threaded barrels with a JP brake.

The second rifle is titled "American Pride" and features our (your) octagonal polished/ported barrel and way too many one-off custom pieces to list here. Thank you for your continued help and support and awesome barrels.

Vince Heier

P.S. Both these barrels produced 3/8" 5-shot groups at 50 yards from my lock-down rest.

"King Copper" used a modified and hand finished Richard's Micro-Fit stock with 10 coats of hand rubbed Tru-Oil finish and copper Ruger emblem; Whistle Pig custom black to copper fade 18" barrel; Tactical Inc. Elite 22 billet receiver; Heier custom "Prism" match bolt; Heier classic billet custom logo bolt handle; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals and Tactical Solutions color matched magazine release; custom black to copper finished fade 25 round steel lip magazine; Power Custom scope base; Tru-Glow Elite Target scope (6-24x44AO) with color matched shade and rings.

The lock-down rest testing on this barrel produced consistent 3/8" 5-shot groups at 50 yards. I even had two groups that looked like a single 9mm ragged hole!

Heier's Custom Ruger 10/22s
(406) 388 6861

Keep making excellent barrels as the 4 above and I will keep buying them. The copper orange/gold fade barrel is exquisite. The colors are flawless and the fade line is undetectable. The wait was well worth it. Thanks, Louis. David M. (in memory)

Thanks again Louis. Your barrel was the perfect appointment to my latest candy-apple 10/22 build. I continue to buy WP barrels because of their accuracy and versatility. My rifle builds continue to improve because you are constantly offering more choices. Keep building fine barrels and I, as others will keep buying them. David M. (in memory)

Here are a some of my custom rifles above featuring your awesome barrels. I pretty much sell the rifles as fast as I build them using your product. Everyone of these rifles are producing sub-1/2" groups at 50 yards and customers say they consistently average 3/8" when the weather is ideal! As always, thanks for your service and quick response to my special requests.

Heier's Custom Ruger 10/22s
(406) 388-6861

Just thought I’d send you a photo of Diane’s rifle. Your barrel just makes it perfect! It fit up perfectly with the X-Ring gloss black receiver. She just loves the rifle. Her first time out with it was a great experience. Again, thanks for everything. Regards, John M.

These are 3 good pics of our rifles that show off the barrels. We now have several hundred rounds fired through each and the shot groups are still extremely tight. The 3 of us are quite proud of our rifles. We are quite proud to boast not only about our rifles but also how awesome your barrels are. Thanks, S. Williams

Just a short note to THANK YOU for producing such a great product. Here's my latest project proudly sporting your barrel. Thanks! Adam S. New Jersey

The 18 inch black to gunmetal grey fade of yours is amazing. It has made my Ruger the most accurate rifle I have owned. It's light weight balances out my rifle perfectly. Your workmanship is truly a craftsman of the highest caliber. Noel K.

  • S&K Ultra WalnutExtra Fancy stock, 1 inch recoil pad and laser engraved
  • Bolt & Trigger Work by Randy at CPC
  • Bolt side is beautifully prism jeweled
  • WhistlePig 18” LR black to gunmetal gray fade compensated barrel.
  • Superior Tactical Ruger logo charging handle, rod and spring.
  • Centerpoint 3-12 X 44mm compact scope with side adjustable AO mounted with Leupold QRW medium height rings.

I rceived the barrel and it was certainly worth the wait. Thank you for keeping me up to date on the order. Here's a photo to showcase how beautifully your barrel fit into my rifle project. Thanks again. Alex T.

I bought a 22" fluted barrell with ports a while back, it had the matte black anodizing with silver flutes, and I've been meaning to write since to tell you how happy I am with the accuracy, weight, quality and price. At 100' I had a 3 shot group just bigger than a dime! You guys make one heck of a barrell! I will be coming back when I start putting together a .17HMR. Thanks for everything! Jon K., Lambertville, MI

Your .17 HMR barrel has proven to be extremely accurate. I have taken many groundhogs using your barrel with many out to 200 yards. The rifle has a Power Custom trigger group, hammer, & titanium firing pin. The bolt has been head spaced, chamfered, and polished. The stock is a Hogue overmold. The scope a 3x9 Burris Ballistic Plex. Keep up the good work! Mark. R.

I am very pleased with the quality of the fit and finish of your product. At the range I always get lots of complements on the look of the gun. What impress them more is when they see it shoot. Thanks. A very satisfied customer .... Jeff M.

WPGBC 20" LR matte aluminum barrel w/comp, "Tac Driver" stock by Richard Micro stock , a BSA 9x24x48 scope, one of your performance trigger up grades and a couple other little goodies! I hope it makes your photo's. It looks and shoots awesome!! Thanks. Chad S. San Diego

Just so you know they finally got to review our rifles fitted with your barrels last week and the writer who did it said it was the best 10/22 he had ever shot. He couldn't believe the accuracy on it. Soon as the article is out, I will send you a copy over for your web site with the photos. Wayne T. - England

I’m pretty proud of the rifle. By all means, use the photos and comments if you like. Some members on the RimFireCentral forum wanted to see what the project looks like. You’ll be getting another barrel order from me. Doug W.

Heier's Custom All-Metal10/22 Tactical w/WPGBC 16" LR Barrel

"Boy,does it handle and shoot fantastic .. it is the real deal" ... Vince H.

Heier's Custom NRA Raffle Pistol w/WPGBC 16" M2 Barrel

Photos by Heier's Handguns & Accessories - a WPGBC Dealer

Thanks for the great product! Craig R.

I'm very impressed, they shoot brilliantly. Regards. Matthew L.

Clint M.'s 17HMR

I just wanted to send some pics. of my 10 22 with my Whistle Pig barrel. It shoots as good as it looks. The fit was perfect and the barrel was flawless. Thanks, Jay R.