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Industry Outsider article - review on WPGBC AccuLlite Barrel

I'm still shooting the very first barrel I bought from Whistle Pig. I've put well over 10,000 rounds through it and that barrel still shoots like you made it yesterday. And I'm not exaggerating at fifty yards and the correct ammo I can still shoot a nickel sized pattern all day long. And for what it's worth it still out shoots my very expensive and bad ass volquartsen. Thanks, Dan H.

Louis, received your barrel Friday. I installed it to replace a Green Mountain one that never shot well at all. This is my third barrel from you ,and this has to be the best yet. It turned out absolutely beautiful. Could not be happier. Thanks! Jerry H.


i want to commend you on another fine rifle barrel made in the Good Ole USA! As you know this is my 5th barrel to purchase from you and I have been pleased with each and everyone I have purchased. In shooting them from the 6" Challenger barrels to the 18" rifle barrels they all have grouped with 5 to 6 rounds in less than .343 (11/32") at 50 to 75 yards, AMAZING!! I highly recommend Whistlepig Gunbarrels (Acculite Barrels) to anyone out there wanting to make an improvement to there 22 cal rife or pistol, P.S. I cant wait to catch a Blue Bird day and air this Puppy out on my 100-150 yard range..

Keep up the good work! Ed Y.

The range covid closed so it has been a while but the barrel is spot on. sub-inch grouping all day long. Tack driver. Thanks again.... Mike A., P.Geo.

Once I put on the Nodakspud sights and got the right height for the front sight, first 10 shots quarter size at 50 yards with your beautiful 6 inch bull barrel. Whistle pig has been my biggest surprise of my 10/22 build expected good but at 50 yards I expected bigger groups this ain't even broken in yet. Your barrel is better than me lol. Clint H.

WPGB barrels are the finest barrels you can find. Others claim to be “the best” but as a precision shooter in both NRL22 and NRA smallbore 50 yard and 100 yard shooter such as A-51 targets. As my pictures show the result of a quality barrel from WhistlePig using a 22” Barrel and their muzzle break not even broken in yet. The barrels are light weight and the work put into these barrels shine when it comes to performance. I also don’t just shoot 50 yard and 100 I use this 22 inch barrel from WPGB for PRS In NRL for precise shots hitting out to 175 Yards. I don’t own one but two both are sub moa barrels at 50 yards which most companies like to claim but WhistlePig is a sub MOA barrel at 100 yards. You can waste time and money purchasing another barrel somewhere else or you can get high quality for an amazing price and do your part and let the barrel do its job and shine. Chris J. Gunsmith Cincinnati, Ohio I am a WPGB shooter from this point on.

Your new website is pretty darn nice. Extremely pleased with the accuracy. CZ 455 .22lr, 16.5 black threaded barrel, Trigger at 1.75lbs, No bedding, Burris rings, Hawke 3x9x40
rimfire scope at 9x,
No wind,
55 yds .. Bull bag and portable pop up bench. Koti K.

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that the barrel you sent me is shooting great. Also has made a rifle that I was and happy with into my new favorite. Here are a couple
pictures of my first day at the range with it. Must say it shot impressively! Please see the attached pictures. Thanks for your great service. Looking forward to buying more from you.

Jeff F.

This is a five shot group shot off the top of a pickup @ 60 yards with my new Ruger 10/22, with a 1.8 pound after market trigger, a 22" Fluted Whistle Pig
aluminum Barrel w/steel liner, and an AAC silencer attached.

This barrel (20" ported octagon polish) is everything I expected and more. Ran 35 rounds and cleaned. Ran another 50 and cleaned. All shots were from 35 yds. Next 100 were from
50 yds. Six 5 round groups you could cover with a dime, or smaller. Doug P.

Hey Louis!
I researched barrels for my 10/22 for months on end trying to find the right one. I just could not spend the money that some of the others were demanding. Finally I chose the WhistlePig's Acculite. I installed it immediately upon receipt, zeroed it in that same day and was shooting ¼” groups at 50 yards. It is light weight, accurate and the fit and finish is superb. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a 10/22 barrel. Not to mention your World Class Customer support and service. The barrel was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Kudos to you and your team at WhistlePig!

Sincerely .... Bond M.

Build turned out great ... a real tack driver at half the weight!
John W.


I got both barrels assembled on the gun, test fired each one with Aquilla .22 LR ammunition.Each one will shoot 1/4" groups at 50 yds. with no trouble. Fit was good, finish was excellent; I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a top notch barrel. Thanks so much! -Jim N.

Dear Louis, the 10/22 barrel I purchased is top notch. Shot dime size groups and smaller at 50 yards. The accuracy, fit and finish of your barrels is the best I've seen
and your prices are well worth it. Thank you and keep up the great work, will tell my friends about your company thanks again.
Greg W.

I would be interested in a CZ 455 20.5" black matte, no flutes, threaded (1/2 x 28 threading) w/cap, barrel.

p.s. I bought a returned 18.5" fluted, threaded Ruger 10/22 barrel and an 18.5" non-fluted, threaded gray anodized Ruger 10/22 Takedown barrel from you recently...BOTH of which are delightfully light weight and "Tack-Driving" accurate! I am very pleased with both of them, to say the least!
Dennis D.

I got your barrel a year ago. I just tried it out this last weekend and it totally rocked. With the Whistle Pig barrel, I had dime size groups, and ran circles around my buddy's Tac Sol barrel. It out performed his barrel in every way and was lighter. I had no misfires either. I am glad I found you. I will definitely buy from you again if I build another 10/22.
Thank You, Shane

Greetings from Philip A.,
Just tried a J&L PRXII tuner on my Whistle Pig. Using Wolf Match at 50’ ( practicing for a local event, 10 bullseye's, front rest only. Put them all in the same hole. Never done that before.

Doug D.

Here's mine. Performance 1st with a little pretty. Hogue stock, VQ jeweled bolt w/dual-pinned firing pin, Ti ejector hook, Tac Sol mag release & charging lever, Center Point scope (4-16 power, adjustable objective), and your 22" matte barrel gives a perfect balance. Matches the mag lever nicely, too. This delivers 1" groups @ 100 yards. Thank you for a fine piece of quality workmanship.
Chris B. In East Texas


I would like to say that your service was prompt, two days I had my barrel, and speaking of the barrel, it is everything that I hoped it would be. It is compact, light, highly accurate, and makes my Ruger 10/22 an absolute joy to carry all day. I would recommend your barrels to anyone who wants to improve accuracy, make their gun pleasing to the eye, as well as make it lighter and a joy to carry.

Doug D.

I received your barrel a couple of days ago – you are an artist! I’ve assembled a few high end rimfire rifles/pistols and some 1911 style pistols but I’ve never seen such craftsmanship! You produce the Bugatti of gun barrels!

Todd G.


I would like you and other potential customers to know that I built a top shelf 10/22 for a friend using a barrel from the WhistlePig Barrel Company and the folks around here can't keep their hands off the thing. "It's so light, what kind of barrel is that?" they all say. Most of the people that see it didn't know that you could do that with a 10/22. They all want to know more about it and especially how it shoots. The best part is when they get to shoot it for themselves. Hunting season has finally arrived and what do you know.......I'm placing ANOTHER ORDER.

If you want to lighten the load, see what accuracy is all about, or score points on the wow factor, then give WhistlePig a serious look. If you've made it to this stage in upgrading, then you probably know who the other barrel competitors are. You can pay double or triple the price for one of the competitors if you like. The most bang for your buck is here. I'm all about researching the products I buy, and my research led me here. Yes I have tried the competition.

Do yourself a favor and get a WhistlePig barrel.

Chris G.

Just wanted to let you know....I installed the new barrel I got from you yesterday on my receiver. I kept my old stock by enlarging the barrel trough to accept the .920 barrel. It looks cool and shoots even better. After sighting in at 25 yards, I shot at my competitive .22 targets at the same distance. I put over 25 rounds each, into 2 targets and the overall size of the hole is not .75 out of 25 rounds on 2 separate targets. I then shot at the 300 yard ringer target and only missed the 18 inch ringer 10 times out of 150 rounds. Shooters with .223 ARs were not hitting with that accuracy.

Steve J


I shot my personal best silhouettes (24) with the whistle pig barrel you recently sent. Do you have a Blue gloss anodized 20" fluted with compensator in .22LR available? Let me know. Thanks Roland Galindo,
Certified NRA Instructor
Just a quick note to say BEAUTIFUL. I just picked up the barrel (black-purple fade) you made for my wife’s Xmas gift from our friend Thomas. It’s just perfect! A true piece of art! Thanks for all of your help and creating such a nice piece. It will beautifully complete the package I’m building for her!


John M

The barrel is awesome. I’ve been to the shooting range several times now. My step-son and I are enjoying a little competition to see who can line up successive shots in the target so that each shot touches the previous one. We had to purchase better binoculars to keep track at 50 yards. At 25 yards we can put 9 shots out of ten in a dime size pattern; 50 yards takes more practice but we are using quarters to make target circles. Put my photo on the site, the 22” length makes the gun very stable ! We both hope practice will gain us “tack-driver” status…..

Again great product and thanks,
Ron S



Well, I put about 50 rounds through it today, and I could not be more pleased. The only mods to my 10/22 are the barrel and Hogue OverMolded Rubber stock with my unmodified 1971 receiver and a cheapo Simmons 3x9. After the first few shots to dial in my scope, I then shot a few very respectable groups, and proceeded to knock over any reactive I put my sights on off hand at twenty yards. The picture is of a 5 shot group, at a little over 20 yards, forward bag, with Winchester target bulk ammo. Thank you again... i hope to do business with you in the future.

Chris C.

Just wanted to let you know again how much I've been enjoying my barrel. It is so accurate. I've done more upgrades to my Ruger since I've purchased my barrel and combined with your barrel it makes my 10/22 a tac driver. Thanks again for a great product.

Wes L.

I just got my 20" 22 LR barrel in last week, installed it with ease. The barrel looks great! I finally was able to make it out to the range today, and after about 40 shots, i was shooting dime size groups at 50 yards. The barrel seems to like the Federal American shot those the best out of the selection that I brought out there. CCI came in a close second when it came to accuracy. Whenever I get another 10/22, I am definitely going to invest in another Whistle Pig. Thanks for making such a great product.

Daniel T.

Louis .... Just got those (black-blue & black-red marble) barrels back from proof today. Absolutely stunning. They look really really great. My customers are going to be well pleased with them. Again many thanks.

Wayne T. - United Kingdom

Just a note to let you know that my 22 mag barrel arrived and looks great. I was a little hesitate about the Houge stock but am really glad now that it was the one that I went with. The black to gun metal gray barrel looks real sharp with the Houge stock plus it is easy to handle. Thanks again for steering me in that direction. As far as shooting the barrel has exceeded my expectations. A ragged hole at 35 yds. with CCI Maxi Mag 40 gr. HP, the same with Federal Premium 30 gr. Speer TNT HP. When I went to 95 yds the CCI and Federals opened to a inch an a half to an inch an a quarter (still not bad). However, Remington 33 gr. V Max tightened to 1 - 2 tenths of an inch from being a ragged hole. These were all three shot groups. Great shooter for a 22 mag and is a definite keeper.

Jim R.

Hello Louis, my barrel arrived last Friday and I have to thank you for a great barrel. The shape and finish are super and it shoots more accurate than I expected. OK I expected more than my factory barrel but not this good. At 50m (55yds) 5-shoot groups with Sk-Jagd Subsonic HP (my favorite hunting load). Groups was at 11-12mm (slightly under 1/2") even with high vel. ammo (Eley White Rabbit) groups was around 20mm (aprrox.3/4" ) and that is more accuracy than I need for my hunting. I also appreciate the fast e-mail response from you. Keep up the good work Louis and if I need another barrel it would definitely be a WhistlePig barrel again. I was out shooting crows this morning and the rifle (the WP barrel and Houge OM stock) is a joy to carry and shoot. I think it is the ultimate hunting rifle, light weight, weather-proof and accurate. Greetings from Sweden


Hello Louis, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Wow, your barrel has proved to be much more than I expected. Not only is the barrel a true piece of art, it shoots like a dream! I spent a short period of time at the range this afternoon, didn’t have much time but the suspense was killing me. I couldn’t believe the accuracy at 50 yards, especially since I haven’t bedded the action. Wow!!! I’ve attached photos of the rifle and the target (see Photo Gallery). Thanks Louis, if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name. I’d be more than happy to talk to anyone about your barrels.

Take care,

I received my new barrel and after installing it (One round with the emery cloth, nice fit ) went to the range . Using a break in process of cleaning new barrel with JB paste and running shooters solution soaked patches thru until clear, I went to the range and fired 5 and cleaned for 25 rds. The groups at 50 yds. went from about 1”- 1.5” to dime size (some of that was me getting used to the trigger and I was sighting the scope in). With out further break in I moved to 100 yds. and I can say conservatively never got out of the 1" Shoot-N-See thru a box of Hornady and Remingtons.

Great product will definitely be my choice for the next 17HMR I build. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Grady Jones

As you know, my cousin Brad and I have both bought one of your barrels recently. We were at the shooting range about 2am last night (our range is indoor and 24hr) testing ammo, and sighting in our scopes. We were more than impressed with the quality. We tried 16 different types of ammo, all providing less than 3/4 inch groups at 50 yards, but the kicker was we used $.98 (thats 98 cents) ammo, Remington Thunderbolts, last. We both used this when we were younger and figured we would give it a try. I shot one group that was less than 3/8 at 50 yards. Our average groups with the cheap ammo was just under 1/2. This was amazing to me. We are both very pleased with your product, and thanks so much for the wonderful customer service.

Jeremy Jenkins

Just thought I'd send you a couple of range pictures. All are from zeroing at 50 yards 5 shot groups. I am very pleased with the barrel, and would recommend you to anyone. In fact, I already have. I may be ordering 2 more barrels from you in the near future (in addition, my father might be ordering one as well for another project)... it seems after seeing my rabbit chaser my whole family wants one. Been a lot of fun and the results are better than I had anticipated (expected good, but not as good as this).

Brandon F.


With regards to your .17HM2 barrels, I was shooting mostly at a target at 50 meters and all shots where grouping well. Some shots where 60+ meters. I have no proof but I can say all groups are 5/8 of an inch or better. Bottom line is, you can hit what you need to. I have had no FTF, (failure-to-feed) and (failure-to-fire) problems with your barrels of this type. When things warm up around here (-20F), I will shoot off a bench at a rifle range to see if I can shoot good 5-shot groups for you. I love your barrels. They are the best for us in Alaska as they hold up to a lot of abuse and do not rust up. I have built 7 10/22 using WP barrels. One guy has 3000+ rounds (22LR) and it still shoots straight. Thanks,

Jeremy B.


I would like you and other potential customers to know that I built a top shelf 10/22 for a friend using a barrel from the WhistlePig Barrel Company and the folks around here can't keep their hands off the thing. "It's so light, what kind of barrel is that?" they all say. Most of the people that see it didn't know that you could do that with a 10/22. They all want to know more about it and especially how it shoots. The best part is when they get to shoot it for themselves. Hunting season has finally arrived and what do you know.......I'm placing ANOTHER ORDER.

If you want to lighten the load, see what accuracy is all about, or score points on the wow factor, then give WhistlePig a serious look. If you've made it to this stage in upgrading, then you probably know who the other barrel competitors are. You can pay double or triple the price for one of the competitors if you like. The most bang for your buck is here. I'm all about researching the products I buy, and my research led me here. Yes I have tried the competition.

Do yourself a favor and get a WhistlePig barrel.

Chris G.

I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your (mag)barrel, I put 200 rounds through it Sunday and not one jam. I put a Weaponcraft buffer in it after the VQ one bent after 49 rounds, works beautifully. Thanks.

R. Nicholson

Hi Louis,

As for your products, I have built 3 10/22's for myself and 2 for others. 2 have been WP barrels, and they have reverberated the most interest and have 2 more requests for those barrels on the guns I will be building for people. My rifles have shown that your barrels can exceed the accuracy of a VQ for less money, as I own a VQ as well.

M. Jorgensen


Thank you so much for these wonderful barrels. I received one for my birthday and now I am ordering one for my Dad. These are accurate, lightweight barrels that look really nice as well. They are different and allow for some really creative gun building.

Thank You Again,

S.L. Ingram


I must say that I am very very pleased with it, as is everyone who has shot the gun since I put the new barrel on it. One of your other customers that wrote in said that the barrel improved the gun's balance, and I must say they are right. I've got a synthetic stock and with the light barrel my gun handles better than any 10/22 I've fired. And it is very easily keeping to 3/8 - 1/2 inch groups @ 50yds. With that, I'm very impressed since I'm just using my old stand-by CCI Mini Mags.

Thanks again for all your help and for getting the barrel to me as quick as it did. I'm really looking forward to when I can get a 10/22 mag set up with one of your barrels!


Beautiful WhistlePig Barrel

Wow. That one word sums it up. After all my research I purchased an 18", polished and fluted, aluminum bull barrel with compensator from Louis at WhistlePig GunBarrel Co. (I have no affiliation with them. I am simply a very happy customer). I have to admit, at the time I placed my order he was out of the barrel stock for this size/or type so there was a delay in getting the barrel. However, Louis kept me up to date on the status of my order and answered all of my questions very quickly.

It of course was packaged to survive being brutally flung through the Postal Machine. The first thing I thought when I unwrapped it (after "wow!") was, I should go wash my hands before fondling it, LOL.

After reading the notes included with the barrel, I removed my Butler Creek CF barrel (ick) and attempted a test fit. It was certainly a much tighter fit than my old barrel so I went a head and polished the inside of the barrel receiver with a dremel and some Flitz so I knew it was clean and smooth. With some moderate pressure and a little bit of a twisting action it slid in very nicely. I would guess it must be machined to within a thousandth of an inch to have such a perfect fit.

I admit I haven't fired it yet, just sitting here admiring it. But, I just had to post some pictures. They truly do not do it justice.



That's one beautiful barrel. The light weight does wonders for the rifle's balance. Haven't fired it yet but I'm sure I'll be satisfied.

Jim P.


Thanks for your reply, I just wanted to update you on the results of sighting in and of a little rabbit hunting trip.

This Thing Rocks!!!!!!!

I sighted it in @ 50 yds. Took a little seasoning of the barrel to get the groups to tighten up, but only about 20 rnds. But that is normal for all barrels that I have used. The pressure on the barrel doesn't seem to give me any trouble so I will leave it for now and see if a few more rounds create a problem, as the gun settles in. As far as grouping I was quite surprised that I was able to get 5 rnd groups in to one ragged 3/8 to 1/2 in hole, shooting out of the back of my suburban with a bi-pod, all of this with CCI Blazer ammo. I can't wait to see what will happen with other ammo. (hopefully just have to stay w/ the cheap stuff). The hunting trip was great, The gun swings and comes up faster than the stock, giving me an advantage on all but those with open sights. All of my brother in laws had to give the thing a try, an were quite impressed w/ looks and balance and are thinking that I need to build one for each of them. Thank you for building a quality product that suits my needs. I will highly recommend this product to all of my friends and to the members of the forums that I post on.

Thanks Again,

Steve Peterson

Hi Louis,

You most certainly have my permission to use my e-mails in any way that is needed. I have one more success story for you. This last weekend my wife and I were going out to do chores, I thought that I would bring the new gun just to keep the starlings stirred up, when we were finished I asked my wife if she wanted to shoot the new rifle. She said yes, which was a big surprise, because she doesn't really like guns. She is a nurse, (she can't go hunting w/ me because she wants to fix everything I shoot) but, having grown up around them she realizes they are a tool. Well I set up a few cans and took her back about 40 yds, and let her have @ it. I only had a 10 rnd clip w/me, when that was gone she still wanted to shoot , so 100 rnds later and lots of dead and holey cans, I was able to pry the gun from her hands. And here is the shocker, She said she actually had fun shooting and would like to do it more. She said that she really liked being able to hit what she was aiming @ and got quite a thrill @ watching the cans jump around. Who knows, maybe, she will want me to build her one, And I may have to build another one just so I can shoot mine when we are together.Thanks Again,

Steve Peterson

Good evening Louis,

"I finally made it to the range today with my “Patriot” 10/22. Now understand that the barrel is not really broken in yet. However the best group I had today was .38 inch center to center at 50 yards. I definitely think it is a keeper! One of my brothers and a friend both loved it. I thank you for the great workmanship. Soon I will be sending you a picture for posting on your site."



I really did not get to sight it in very well as the kids would not let me have a chance to shot it. They Loved it! We were shooting clay pigeons from 50 to around 100 yards. With very few misses, Not bad for a 9yr old boy and 11yr old girl. I bought my daughter a Rem viper years ago she said "sell it and build me one of those". That's who the 17hmr will be for.

Les C.

Just wanted you to know, I got out the other day, and was totally blown away by the tight groups shot by the purple barrel I bought from you . The only problem is it is on my wife's gun. I hope she lets me borrow it to go hunting. I love all the barrels you have sent me, and the weight of them. I had a friend over for dinner the other night, and he's talking about having me build him two for him and his wife.

Your barrels are the best. Thanks

Gary Robinson

Dear Louis,

I just got back from 6 days of blasting squirrels away. We went through about 3000 rds. between us. The 17 HMR work great. But before I went I didn't get to properly sight it in, so I didn't know where it was going, but let me tell you, I feel 200 yard shots would have been easy. I didn't want to waste that expensive ammo, and not know where it was going. But let me tell you it worked very well. It's a beautiful gun. I can't wait to send you the pictures. I shot the 22 barrel you sent me too, and it worked great. No jams and very accurate. But I will be the first to tell you those barrels are accurate. I love them.

Just wanted to thank you,

Gary Robinson


I finally have had the time and the weather has not been 20 deg. below zero. I zeroed in my 22/Mag it is very accurate 1/2" groups at 100 yards. I put a Leupold Vari X II on it for a scope it is a real tack driver. On my Ruger 10/22 I have just finished it and have not zeroed it in. I'm very pleased with my Mag barrel. A real quality product. Will send some pictures soon.


Joe L.